Web Based Casino Games Versus Downloadable Casino Games- Which Are Better?

Gambling in the real world either online or offline means risky business. Many people were still unsure about whether it was safer to play online casino games or play at land based casinos. Now when players are just about getting used to the concept of online casinos and its advantages are now faced with another confusing question. Which is betvoyager Web based casino games or Downloadable casino games? So let’s take a look at sone advantages and disadvantages of both these options.

Advantages of Downloadable Casino games

Better audio and video quality

Always remember that the graphic and audio quality of downloadable software for games and other forms of entertainment is always excellent. Due to better sound and graphic display the level of enjoyment also increases proportionately and it enhances the interest levels while playing too. The player becomes engrossed with all the special effects and is almost close to becoming addicted to the constant high of adrenaline levels.

Lesser loading time

If the software of the games you want to play are already downloaded on your device then one doesn’t have to wait endlessly for loading to be completely before starting to play. Once the software is there on your device, play can be started anytime you wish to.

No need to register every time

If the online casino that you have chosen to play at is the one you keep going back to each time you want to gamble the, a onetime registration is a great time saver. Once you have registered, subsequently you just have to log in.

Disadvantages of Downloadable Casino games

Time Consuming

Initial downloading of the software is a time –taking process and sometimes it is painfully long especially if the network is slow.


Many a time antivirus software is built into the system to as a safety measure to prevent the system or device getting infected by virus from downloading unknown software from an unreliable source.

Software not supported by all operating systems

Much software is specifically designed for windows based devices or android phones or ere exclusively designed only for iOS operating systems. Unless the software is compatible it will not get downloaded at all.

Advantages of Web-based Online Casino Games

No downloading is required

The biggest advantage of web based games is that you don’t have to download any kind of software. Once you decide which game or which type of gambling you would like to try your luck at, all you have to do is turn on the internet connection and log onto your favorite online casino and directly begin the play formalities.

Doesn’t block storage space

Since nothing is being downloaded your device is not saddled with extra data. There will be ample free space to download other important apps and the speed of the device will also be fast and good.

Instantaneous Play

Once he initial formalities are completed play can be begun almost instantaneously and even the graphics and visual effects are becoming more and more technologically advanced , making your online gambling experience much more fun and appealing too.

Free play opportunities

With more and more new sites coming up, every site seems to be offering a variety of freebies. To make sure players are comfortable with the rules and regulations of the game, many online casinos give them a free hand and allow them to play for free till the time they are confident enough to start real time gambling where large amounts are put at stake.

Disadvantages of Web-based Online Casino Games

Takes up lot of memory

If other applications are playing in the background while you are at play on your then a lot of memory is consumed and it also slows down the internet connection. Remaining applications also get affected and it will have a toll on the computer or your mobile device.

Opening of web-browser every time

Every time you want to play online, you will need to open your web –browser, type the URL or the name of the websites to begin playing. Now that you have in front of all the benefits and drawbacks of both downloadable and web-based online casino games, decide which option suits you the best and then go for it. Whatever be your choice. Happy gambling and winning too!